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Law firm management reviews

Law firm management reviews | leadership | strategy

Each year I am approached by a small number of firms to undertake a wide ranging review of their firm and help the partners develop a plan going forward.

Firms need a number of factors to be successful however amongst the most important are:

  • having a clear business strategy that differentiates the firm from others
  • effective leadership
  • attracting, retaining and motivating good people
  • being responsive to change

Such a review typically includes:

  • A survey of all fee earners and staff, the results of which are collated into a non attributable summary
  • Interviews with a cross section of fee earners and staff , normally in small groups – sometimes I meet everyone
  • A survey of all partners, the results of which are collated into a non attributable summary
  • Interviews with all the partners and key managers – either individual or in small groups
  • Telephone interviews with a selection of professional contacts to obtain an external view of the firm
  • Review of the firm’s latest accounts and management accounts
  • Benchmark the firm with others both in terms of financial performance but also against a range of factors such as communications, staff motivation and marketing
  • Initial presentation to partners
  • Preparation of report
  • Final presentation

Typically I then work with a client for a number of months, sometimes two or three years, helping them develop their plan and implement it.

“We engaged Andrew to help get some clarity and simplicity in our management processes. Andrew was able to identify what we were doing well for further improvement, whilst highlighting areas that needed streamlining to move forward. Andrew has the ability to unearth what’s really going on and provides accountability and focus to make sure the necessary work gets done.” 

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