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  • Apr 11th

Strategy review – 5 ideas to keep ahead

Most law firms and barristers’ chambers update their business plans in the spring. Click this link to download a quick one page check-list that could help your firm and enable you to focus on the key issues that lie ahead. Feel free to share this document with your colleagues.

I hope you find these ideas useful. Let me know if any are not clear.

Tip 5:  One step at a time…

Most firms face huge change, which can easily be overwhelming.  The answer is to tackle change incrementally, one step at a time.  Prepare an overall strategy and game plan for the next five years and a plan for the next year.  Break this down into quarters and identify the three or four actions each team is to do each quarter.  Update the plans each quarter and move them forward.  Over time strategy and planning move from something that happens once a year and is then forgotten about to something that becomes part of your culture.  Use an external facilitator to make it happen.