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  • Mar 2nd

A short video all partners should watch – Simon Sinek and the issue of “Why”

We all talk about what and how but few law firms talk or think about why… This is a really useful and interesting video. I am facilitating a partner retreat next weekend and we are going to use this video to kick day one off and help everyone to focus on what the firm is trying to achieve and why it is different to others. I hope you find it useful!

Interesting response from Peter Duru after I posted this on LinkedIn

Very interesting indeed, I am amazed I have not heard it put like this before now. Like all truly good ideas, once you hear it, it suddenly seems obvious. It is a very simple yet profound way of explaining aspects of behaviour and motivation at both the conscious and subconscious level and at both an individual and group level. Simon Sinek’s golden circle appears to explain in simple terms what many complex psychological, sociological, marketing and even management theories and models try to do much less effectively and efficiently while using much more complex terminology and methodology. Thank you for posting Andrew, I found it very useful indeed.