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Herbert the Crab | The Easter Egg Hunt | Norfolk
Herbert the Crab | Barney the Barn Owl | Norfolk

Herbert the Crab

After 30 years advising law firms, in 2020 I wrote a series of stories for my grandchildren.  They are about Herbert the Crab and his family and friends and are set are on the North Norfolk coast.  Herbert lives in Blakeney.

In Febuary 2023 it was an exciting experience to publish the first book - The Easter Egg Hunt.  Huge fun.  It was followed in October by Barney the Barn Owl.

The books are aimed at children aged 3-6 and are available in several shops across North Norfolk and on-line.

The next two books in the series will be published in 2024.

Herbert the Crab | Blakeney Harbour, Norfolk.  the home of Herbert the Crab
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