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Law firm management, skills training and retreat facilitation

Law firm management, skills training, and retreat facilitation

Over the last 25 years I have advised approximately 250 law firms on their management, strategy and profitability.  In particular, retreat facilitation and management skills training.

My clients are mainly UK Top 200 firms who I work with in connection with:

  • Partner retreat facilitation
  • Management skills training for associates and junior partners
  • Management structures, leadership and strategy
  • Profitability and financial analysis

Click here for details of my Management Skills Programme.

Click here for my April 2018 Legal Futures article.

My aim is to provide the best possible support to clients in these core areas so as to help them respond to the dramatic change taking place in their markets.

“Andrew has the experience to identify quickly where change is needed in the management of a law firm and the personality and skill to make a huge contribution to the really difficult bit, which is to obtain the buy-in of the partners. We have found Andrew to be a great source of guidance and reassurance for over 15 years”

“Andrew’s help in assisting our firm to take stock and make difficult decisions to change was invaluable. He turned a potentially difficult and divisive situation into a positive outcome, seemingly with ease. I highly recommend his services.”

“We have very much enjoyed working with you and the whole experience has been hugely beneficial to the firm.  When we first considered possible facilitators, your fee was by far the highest, but it was apparent immediately that we would receive far more from your involvement, than the simple facilitation of an away day.  The latter would have been of very limited assistance to the firm.  The time you spent with partners and staff before the retreat, enabled you to get under the bonnet of the our firm and understand what makes it tick and how it could be refined/retuned.  Your communication skills with partners and staff must also have been excellent, as they were able to discuss matters openly with you, which some might have been wary about doing, as they might have perceived you to be the “hired gun”!  

The successful pre-retreat consultation enabled you to start influencing the direction of travel in advance of the retreat, so that we all arrived with a basic understanding of your thoughts for the management of the business.  This saved us a huge amount of time at the event itself, and meant that you were able to ensure we retained our focus, which would have been one of the key challenges.  The other great benefit, was the excellent partner engagement you were able to develop, which was one of our key objectives.  The decision to focus upon the higher-level strategy/vison, and to steer away from too much detail, and to manage expectations in this regard, was another success. 

Your reputation as a leading business consultant to the legal profession is undoubtedly well deserved.  We were absolutely delighted with the work you undertook for us, before, during and after a partners’ retreat to discuss future strategy.  The event was a resounding success, thanks in large part to Andrew’s exceptional advice and guidance.”

The 3rd edition of my book, Profitability and Law Firm Management, was published by the Law Society in 2016.  Click the link for details.


The Law Consultancy Network

I am a founding member of the Law Consultancy Network – a grouping that brings together a number of highly experienced independent law firm management consultants who have the same ethos – our vision is to be the leading management consultancy in the areas that we specialise in.

Seminars and publications

Each year I run a number of seminars and these can also be run in house.  I speak at and chair conferences for the Law Society and facilitate events for the Law Management Section.  In recent years I have undertaken a number of projects with my colleague Vicky Ling for the Law Society and the Ministry of Justice in respect of legal aid.  Our latest reports are available under “downloads”.

For many years I was vice chair of the Law Management Section.

Click here for my October 2017 article in Managing for Success – published by the Law Society.

Click here to read my 2014 piece in The Times on Criminal legal aid.

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