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Lexcel Consultant – UK and Ireland

I have been a Lexcel consultant for a number of years and have worked with firms across England and in recent years much of this work has been in Ireland.  I have helped approximately half of the firms in Ireland who now have Lexcel.

I am a Law Society Lexcel accredited consultant.


Lexcel is an excellent vehicle for improving  management standards within a firm of solicitors.  Originally developed for firms in England & Wales, its principles apply in most jurisdictions, and i have run seminars on Lexcel in Dublin, Edinburgh and Lisbon.

My support typically includes:

  • An initial gap analysis to determine how near/far a firm is from complying with the standard using the Law Society’s self-assessment questionnaire. This will be a working document that will eventually be sent to the assessor with your office manual
  • Subsequent to the initial gap analysis i assist firms develop an office manual.  I have a series of precedents and would combine these with the systems and procedures within the firm
  • A series of training sessions for all staff in the firm to introduce them to the standard
  • A series of meetings with fee earners in small groups on a departmental basis, where I would ask them each to bring a couple of recent files and I would undertake an initial file review. This will serve to consolidate the group training and introduces them to the concept of someone from outside looking at their work
  • The creation of a steering group and assistance in selecting an assessor
  • Periodic meetings of the steering group during the implementation phase which might last six to nine months
  • Pre-assessment review to confirm you are ready for assessment